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Transit Map

Transit Maps

C. Kiratiwiriyaporn and P. Ruchikachorn, “A Study and Design of Transit Map based on Visual Perception,” PacificVis 2019 Posters, Bangkok, Thailand, 23-26 April 2019.

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Transit maps can be designed in infinitely many different styles but not all of the designs are equally effective. To design an efficient transit map, it is important to understand route selection of passengers based on their visual perception. This paper developed six different transit maps and conducted a route selection experiment to explore the impact of using transit map as a planning tool to influence passengers’ travel decisions to find the fastest route in the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) and Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT). The experiment with 90 participants was conducted through a paper-based survey of six travel decisions per map design. The results show that different map designs significantly affect the participants’ accuracy and time to find the fastest route.

Shareable Personal Map

Shareable Map

P. Ruchikachorn, “Case Studies of Shareable Personal Map Visualization,” EuroVis 2018 Posters, Brno, Czech Republic, 4-8 June 2018.

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This paper presents two examples of personal data visualizations to be shared among peers. The visualized and shared data were travel destinations in Thailand and daily commutes in Bangkok, Thailand. The former gathered much attention with almost a million visitors within the first week after launch or approximately 2% of internet users in Thailand. Despite minimal data collection, large data samples of the first case study enable various analyses. The easy-to-use interfaces and simple visualizations can be a model of the genre of personal visualization whose main task is to share.